Silver price to rise, indication happen today (at least for now)

Jυѕt ɡοt another one οf those feelings today аחԁ wanted tο mаkе a video mental note οח tһаt. I сουƖԁ bе wrοחɡ іח tһе short-term bυt wе аƖƖ know wһеrе gold / silver price іѕ heading іח tһе long-term.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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19 Responses to Silver price to rise, indication happen today (at least for now)

  • jimbobubbadj:

    @goldcurrent1 Agreed. JPMorgan is losing control.

  • pierrelarouge:

    Need to remember too, when silver got close to $49 EVERYONE shorted it, Soros, that rich fat mexican guy who actually owns silver mines, they did massive shorts, it knocked the confidence in silver, if these shorts get taken out its going to be parabolic.

  • prelude12341:

    @BabyIYours they are trying to keep a good metal down with margin calls. i can totally see it becoming the new currency.

  • goldcurrent1:

    @metalmadnessTV That’s usually when JPM likes slapping it back down. I don’t think they can continue doing that much longer though.

  • koothecool:

    Great call

  • wakeupsheople:

    Silver and Gold have a long way to go up. Easy call.

  • Xbox360Expenable:

    Hey Chad, I want to make a record of this right now and right here. Since yesterday you were the only one to call this rise up in silver BEFORE it happened. Obviously people should be following you cause by now you have shown yourself to be a person of interest to follow in these markets! {period}


  • FlipThatBond:

    Chad, I’m looking for the same “crossroads” too but I don’t think that we’re there yet. There has to be a major stock market sell off yet before the Fed steps in with another program to save the day and it doesn’t feel to me that the market is ready to consider silver a safe haven yet in the face of such a sell off. I could be wrong too but I’m playing the options game so it’s more important for me to get timing right than physical and my entry point is when the Fed steps in again.

  • BabyIYours:

    Awesome call, 8/19/11 7:30 up to $42.50.
    This time if and when they make precious metal coinage it will likely only be silver since the denomination of gold would no be practical.

  • ZoraleePvP:

    you can also divide gold/silver and see that gold-silver-ratio is wider so yes, silver will probably gain if gold doesnt dive.

  • metalmadnessTV:

    thanks Chad. Great Vid
    soon as it breaks above $43 oz then it will go crazy .
    Around $43 a oz is the price of JPM’s share price

  • elpatostark:

    Also I think Chavez asking for the Venezuelan gold forces JP Morgan to cover their naked shorts of Venezuelan gold and therefore JP Morgan can’t cover their Silver naked shorts

  • goldcurrent1:

    We went from $1650 to 1840 gold in about a month and silver did jack.
    As long as JPM still pulls the strings and the market remains rigged, all we can do is speculate. Silver should be at the $70-80 level at least right now.

  • PlanetEarthAwakens01:

    i think it’s kinda hard to predict things when the markets being manipulated. They really seem to be holding down silver, maybe now is the point at which the pressure becomes too great…

  • waldentree:

    By the end of September silver will rise to a medium term peak in the mid 40s. Then it will collapse to under $20 by 2015, probably earlier.
    Long term.. who knows.

  • MrPhajlee:

    yes I have the same feeling- plus if it goes up a bit more it will be breaking out of a huge technical triangle.

  • watchersx:

    I agree. Silver decoupled from the DOW and oil. It is trading like a currency metal should… meaning it’s very cheap now.

  • theeastwatch:

    Hard to call timing on any market thats as heavily manipulated as Silver.
    Believe me when I say “They” could make silver $2 or $200 tomorrow if they wanted to…