Egyptians Denounce Political Repression

Reed Lindsay reports frοm Egypt аחԁ speaks tο Egyptian workers аbουt recent elections
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16 Responses to Egyptians Denounce Political Repression

  • WarDogLRS:

    My Heart goes out to these people that I consider my Brothers & Sisters this is not what the people want in any country this Monster will be defeated. Its even happening here in America little by little there robbing us of our Constitution. Sadly Americans are to interested in American Idol.

  • koora8:

    @Hillsillverr just a simple answer for that ignorant comment ,

    Mubarak is known that he hates any religious activity , so how come u blame religion , plus egypt is secular country , all the main political parties are secular liberal , religion is personal thing , so i fail to see any relation to religion , except the western ignorance of people like u.

  • LMGunslinger:

    To bad most Americans don’t know that; We got politicians like Rudy Giuliani telling us the reason folks from those parts of the world hate us is because were rich white Christians. And what makes it sad is most people believe that hogwash.

  • Hillsillverr:

    @SubstancePrime explain..

  • SubstancePrime:

    If you think Islam is the main reason people in the middle east are oppressed by their governments, you are woefully naive.

    Obtaining a basic understanding of the political history of the region makes it quite clear what the main forces are that drive the oppressive political regimes there.

  • Hillsillverr:

    @0xTRX007 oh and Pat Condel is an atheist, and Von Helton, he is a pegan..

    I not a big fan of the jew either, and im not ashamed to voice my opinion when it comes to any religion, because ur gods are ur delusions!
    This world would be way better if we didnt have religions!

  • Hillsillverr:

    @0xTRX007 ok, name one muslim country that is not oppressed!

    You cant, you know why, because the kuran teaches oppression/submission!

  • grandmachristine42:

    “They have nothing to bribe them with”. Others have written books or droned on and on for hours with billions of details but this sister expressed it perfectly. This is happening to all the fake democracies > they have nothing left to bribe us with. All services are shrinking or gone, infrastructure will never be improved, govt agencies are owned by the forces they are supposed to be protecting us from. .uh. .whats in it for us????Just more insults.

  • thelovemaya:

    Only the people of egypt can spread the word of freedom .It has to be a self revolution and a one conciousness to brake the chains of regimes. They have ruled the country too long through ignorance and poverty

  • 0xTRX007:

    Iran is vilified by the MSM.
    Nuclear Racist Apartheid Israel & Egypt’s Mubarak Oppressive Regime are glorified by the MSM.
    Take a hint.
    Iran is not as portrayed by the MSM, it’s all lies and propaganda, just like the propaganda about Iraq’s WMDs and the run up to war with Iraq.

  • 0xTRX007:

    That’s a LIE and you know it, looking at your channel you have “Christian” Zionist VonHelton and Zionist Pat Condell featured on your page, so I can see what drives you to hate Muslims and post the most ignorant comments.

  • blackiron60:

    Since President Nasser died, Egypt has been ruled by American puppets. The last time ordinary working Egyptians received any justice was almost forty years ago, but repression can’t last forever. Mubarak is digging his own grave.

  • badger5079:

    The way for Egypt to be free is for the rebels to infiltrate the presidential bodyguards.

  • Hillsillverr:

    @websnarf all the muslims countries are oppressed..

  • djben1977:

    @0xTRX007 Word!

  • websnarf:

    I feel so god damned ignorant. I knew Egypt was somewhat repressive, I had no idea they were similar to Iran.