VP Biden on Economic Expansion for the Middle Class

Vice President Biden speaks аt tһе Brookings Institutions Hamilton Project forum, Frοm Recession tο Recovery tο Renewal, аt tһе Mayflower Hotel іח Washington, DC Tһе Vice President emphasizes tһе importance οf mаkіחɡ policy choices now tһаt wіƖƖ lead tο economic growth аחԁ development fοr tһе American middle class іח tһе next economic expansion.

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47 Responses to VP Biden on Economic Expansion for the Middle Class

  • ottoottowomack says:

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  • themightyjoseph says:

    Enjoy the economy collapse :)

  • themightyjoseph says:

    @groundhog2008 Its not just him who fucked your country, why arnt you blaming the guy before him? he did the worst damage.

  • dragonfire1299 says:

    Once again…. WHY JUST THE MIDDLE CLASS?!?!?! What about the average and lower class, the ones like MYSELF still unemployed without unemployment to fall back on to pay bills!!!! When the hell are you guys gonna wake up!?!?

  • barbarianopinion says:

    Good lord…having Biden speak about economics and business creation is like having Ted Bundy speak about women’s rights.

    Isn’t it funny how having less and less people working is “job creation”? The government taxes business to end jobs…then uses the money to hire a couple of gov’t workers who watch porn all day instead of producing goods…and they call it job creation and pat themselves on the back….and some people actually believe these idiots.

  • Cutchswife says:

    Get those Green jobs going and if you had included the public option in the h.c bill that would have created many more jobs.

  • pgunn01 says:

    @LibertarianThinker Could you point out to me evidence of this happening in academia for the tobacco lobby? I would think that were it known, academes would’ve discredited such things.

  • LibertarianThinker says:

    @pgunn01 Biased to me is when you are paid to skew results for the favor of someone else or of another group ( could probably label this under bribery as well ) for personal or Political gains.

  • pgunn01 says:

    @LibertarianThinker Why do you think the tobacco studies are biased? What does the word “biased” mean to you? They do take a position, but they’re designed to – the point of science is to use data to reach a position on how some part of the universe means. Is it that you don’t like the conclusions, or …?

  • LibertarianThinker says:

    @pgunn01 I have a hard time believing that because most if not all tobacco studies that are done are funded by the government and in turn are bias

  • pgunn01 says:

    @LibertarianThinker The parts of the government that fund research are pretty isolated from the elected parts. Plus, this research is happening all over the world, across many different cultures. Scientific culture may not be perfect, but people who devote their lives to science arn’t generally looking for money. Falsification of data would take away what we strive for most – advancing human knowledge and being recognised for it. We would be shunned by our peers for that.

  • LibertarianThinker says:

    @pgunn01 Well good thing i like cigars then lol to me regulation means the government getting in my face so whose to say these “scientist ” are not being payed by the government just so they can pass all this new legislation ?

  • envanje says:

    can someone tell me what Americans understand by “middle class” and how do they call the other class which is not the “upper class” and which people do they generally include into that “other class” ?

  • pgunn01 says:

    @LibertarianThinker You should read the science, rather than the “science”. Yes, there are cycles of heating and cooling, but we are disrupting them and they are going to disrupt us in return. I realise that Libertarians are generally not fond of regulation (I was one once), but if you have a bunch of asthmatics in a stuck elevator and somebody’s smoking fat cigars, somebody should get the smoker to cut it out unless they like the consequences.

  • LibertarianThinker says:

    @pgunn01 I dont think we need any regulation the earth goes threw this same cycle of heating and cooling

  • superpeople says:

    @Allamericom Were you up in arms when the patriot act was rushed through and shoved down our throats? Or just now that it’s a democrat in office you take issue? Because that took more liberties away than anything Obama has done.

  • superpeople says:

    @Red0660 We’ll agree to disagree.

  • groundhog2008 says:

    It is about time that President Obama and Congress did a public education stimulous package!!!! It seems, our federal government is blind to the fact that thousands of teachers nationwide are going to be laid off due to financial shortfalls!! Above all else, we need not let our pubic schools succombe to failure!!!!

  • Red0660 says:

    @superpeople You sir have no idea of the founding principals of our nation. Government by nature is tyranny against Freedom and Liberty. The Federal Government is not supposed to have much power. Any power not granted to them in the constitution is reserved for the people and the STATES

    I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them” -=President Thomas Jefferson=-

  • Allamericom says:

    The world is going to want peace so bad the Government is going to have to get out of the American peoples way
    Benjamin Franklin (1706 – 1790)
    Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.

  • Allamericom says:

    Dumb and Dumber
    Want health care? Bring back our troops liars, cheats and thefts
    End the Fed and the inside 911 wars will end the the selected terrorists in office.
    Wake up America the bail out thefts are now making new laws for fraudulently taking American Tax payers monies to Bail themselves out Impeach the con artiest who ploy is BIGGER GOVERNMENT CONTROL FREE AMERICA end the FEd

  • superpeople says:

    @Red0660 you no longer trust your government all the while you will gladly reap the rewards of any benefits you may receive from the government from police, fire and other emergency systems to the road you drive on to medicaid or medicare and any income you may receive from unemployment or SS etc. I think you get the idea I could keep going. You can not make a case against government while reaping its rewards. Good luck to you.

  • SIVIURFii says:

    best VP

  • TomThumbsFables says:

    Just dont let the republicans stop our unemployment checks! Democrats are part of the only political party who actually care about the working man!

  • djcortex94 says:

    RIP Dj am…. :( :( :( :(

  • LolaHardman says:

    RIP Dj AM… a truly Daft Punk fan

  • superhorus123 says:

    @980primo stame machine

  • 980primo says:

    wat song does he play in the beggining?

  • sylicone221 says:

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  • dagame81790 says:

    Sounds like he is just playing “Alive 2007″ …

  • sylicone221 says:

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  • sylicone221 says:

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  • thizzhernandez says:

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  • devilsreptile says:

    RIP dj AM Daft Punk 4ever

  • SisterOfMonsters says:

    Bangalter the kiiiiing!!!

  • PlootDaPyro says:

    @djtnt2004 Tomas’s helmet lol.

  • MegaWattzMan says:

    Get your facts right

  • SyKoR0A says:

    @benjammin11127 wow. hahaha. he survived the crash with travis barker. he died of an accidental overdose a year later.

  • benjammin11127 says:

    @alexwise41 no he didnt he died of a plane crash

  • YunoChlag says:

    RIP DJ AM !

  • alexwise41 says:

    @noisebomb619 overdose on drugs and around August i think ?

  • boyjer says:

    This Song is part of Too Long/Steam Machine & Around the world/HBFS [Daft Punk Alive 2007]…Then maybe the Kid Dub Remix

  • NaughtADJ says:

    Its Thomas’ helmet from Daft Punk

  • noisebomb619 says:

    :( how did dj am die and when???

  • djtnt2004 says:

    what helmet is that