Glenn Beck-Food Prices Will Rise 700% to 1000% this year 2011

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7 Responses to Glenn Beck-Food Prices Will Rise 700% to 1000% this year 2011

  • manofreedom says:

    “they” are monetizing the debt. Geeeee GB laughed at Ron Paul for saying who the “they” are…..the federal reserve!!!! I wish GB would come out and say how the federal reserve is doing it. IF anybody out there is a reader get the book “The Creature from Jeckyll Island” and it will all make sense.

  • WhoisJacqueFresco says:

    if orange juice is that expensive I will be rich

  • 58tkdmike says:

    this guy is simply a FREAK…..

  • plalelal says:

    You had better buy seeds! Ammo, guns, storable water!

  • fizzywool says:

    Yeah the big problem the gold holders have now is when to sell and convert into real assets. I suspect some have already done it. But to find the top of the market value of gold is a gamble. Since some bought at browns bottom, even now seems a good time to sell. But it seem to be going higher and higher. Just wonder how high and the key is the finial conversion to real assets, like land, buildings, machinery. When they decide to dump out of gold asset prices will sky rocket.

  • fizzywool says:

    People do not understand, all we are selling to the world is our dollar. What do we as a nation, as a people , have to sell when we no longer have that to sell. In the civil war this nation meaning its people had assets. Cotton, timber, wisky, slaves, manufacturing, ship building and on and on. What do we have to sell now? Cheap and skilled labor? No. World class education? No Best medical care? no We do not even have capacity to treat our own people medically. Nukes incoming to export? Thieft?

  • scopulus93 says:

    @ForceOfWizardry Ya I’d take the water and smokes.