Survive and Thrive the systemic collapse, part 2 PLEASE POST ALL COMMENTS ON, раrt 1. http Pаrt two, survive аחԁ thrive. Thrive post collapse. 1. produce food 2. οwח gold аחԁ silver 3. keep уουr extra money οff shore
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37 Responses to Survive and Thrive the systemic collapse, part 2

  • crocfme says:

    As for firearms; a .22 and a powerful air-rifle – they’ll keep you in small game meat and you can safely and cheaply store litterally 1000s and 1000s of rounds of ammo. Fishing gear for the long term – lead and some sinker moulds, a roll of stainless steel MIG welding wire for a lifetime supply of hooks. Lots of heavier than usual line so you don’t lose too much gear, or fish. Lots of galvanised one inch chicken wire for fish/yabbie traps.

  • crocfme says:

    Maybe I’m a bit lucky: I live in a very small town, on a river full of yabbies and fish, and I’m a horticulturalist.
    Tomatoes and similar: Propagation trays, compressed peat moss for soil rejuvination, 50 or so 2 inch growing tubes. That’ll get your crop from seed to garden with maximum yield and minimal seed wastage. Also got some marijuanna seeds; don’t use the stuff myself, but easy to grow (A druggo could do it!) and will be a valuable trading commodity. Pumpkin also easy and high yield.

  • unclefixer says:

    Well deathof the dollar, vision victory is trying to warn and prepare people. Saving other people is not just morally right, it make sense from a survival standpoint. When million of people die off, someone has to survive and rebuild. Because we will have to rebuild from the bottom up and that requires hands and healthy hands at that . The fema camps, yes theyre real, it just that corrupt system will not last long enough to use them much. They will busy trying to run for their lives.

  • unclefixer says:

    @leotherussian, How does making beer make water drinkable?? I’d like to know.
    Also how do you get started making beer, cause man I am a beer drinker deluxe.
    It might keep us healthy in a economic collaspe.

  • bbyersonthesax says:

    Seed gemination reduces 10% every year so you’ll want to restock every couple years or your seeds won’t be any count.

  • ThatDifferentGuy says:

    Thank God i live in a smaller city, Cause people in the bigger cities are FUCKED.

  • myusername215 says:

    Now I havent seen Peters videos, but I do know that when the US dollar craps out, the rest of the world will follow. Even still most countries hold US dollars in reserve. It may sound arrogant, but the US dollar still supports the vast majority of the world economy…In my opinion anyhow… Cheers.

  • nld1960 says:

    You probably will not see this note but I like to go back to these two videos you did, so I can prepare myself with food, etc.
    This is exactly 2 years since you made this video, almost to the day. You missed the timing somewhat, but you missed the bit about Europe. They are falling like a rock. The Euro is far behind the dollar now and the PIIGs are collapsing, starting with Greece and Portugal. It is amazing how time can change things so quickly. Euro stocks are not the best now.

  • jawbone83 says:

    honey. it never goes bad. archeologists are pulling honey out of egyptian tombs and all they have to do is add water and can use it.

  • badattitude77769 says:

    @DeathOfTheDollar2010 Many, many people in the military and law enforcement have seen the light, they know we have been screwed, am just praying that when the shtf that most of them will be on the side of the people, It is the younger ones who make me nervous, but even then, many of them see what is going on.

  • tacosrtasty says:

    i think tabacco would be good to have to like trade or sell to people who smoke if you are going to be around those people

  • littlegiantkennel says:

    keep your head up bro

  • 407buddy says:

    Game’s over folks. Goliath (Goldman & theFed Gang) won. If you think you’ll just get a gun and start a revolution then you are not a swell thinker. It is too late. They are not going to disclose any information that they don’t want you to know. They are the Oligarchy of the global fiat paper money system, protected by a military with cutting edge weaponry. They are a juggernaut of power. Nothing is a coincidence, from 9/11 to the bail outs. Prepare. When the SHTF, it will happen quickly

  • TheModelification says:

    President George Bush largest budget was $2.9 with a $239 Billion deficit.
    Obama proposed 3.7 Trillion with a deficit of 1.4 Trillion for 2011. Currently based on usdebtclock org, the debt/GDP is 97.2%. Yet Obama claims that his spending is reasonable better than Reagan.
    Obama and democrats are trying to position themselves as the “good guys” using a government shutdown as a political strategy for their exorbitant spending. The Republicans and Tea Party are trying to control spending.

  • Twilightifyable says:

    The debt when George W. Bush took office was $5.727 Trillion when he left it was $10.627 Trillion. The total debt that George W accumulated in eight years of office is $4.9 Trillion The debt right now is $13.018 Trillion. In approximately 490 days in office, he has accumulated $2.391 Trillion. Using simple algebra, you’ll find that Obama will have accumulated in 2.75 years (Sept 2011) what George W. did in 8 years.

  • aikido7 says:

    People who now obsess about government debt have it backwards. The problem isn’t the debt. The problem is just the opposite. It’s that at a time like this, when consumers and businesses and exports can’t do it, government has to spend more to get Americans back to work and recharge the economy. Then — after people are working and the economy is growing — we can pay down that debt.

  • PreCurSeD says:

    Thomas Jefferson once said

    “We must not let out leaders load us with perpetual debt”

    “Never spend your money before you have earned it”

    “Educate and inform the whole mass of the people… They are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty.”

    “I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them”

    i could go on and on, disturbing eh?

    we need revolution bad

  • bethaprivttee says:

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  • SteelePaustraro says:

    agreed. And the value of gold is terrible, nice prediction!
    as an economy minor, i can’t listen to this.

    Let the economy burn. we deserve it.

    “predictable predictions.”

  • RAWDOGG69 says:

    why would u suggest maxing out your credit cards…u would only be digging yourself a deeper hole…best advise would be to sacrafice…live humble and make decisions based on necessity not greed…which i believe to be tha problem with America and the world today…we want more and dont know how to limit our desires based on what we can afford or need!

  • tyciol1 says:

    I am Jordan Robert Hill and I am a Pedophile. Go to


    This account only brings awareness to the real threat.

  • highway234 says:

    i predict that in the future, more and more people will be making lots of predictions.

  • sintetsu says:

    can anyone tell me what the 700 billion dollars has gone to??????????

  • sintetsu says:


  • Toledosteal says:

    Ask your mom!

  • reenachitra says:

    what exactly is stimulus package??

  • quadcatfly says:

    gold transactions will be heavily regulated when the hyperinflation hits. check other countries that went through it. as valueable as it will be, you cant eat gold and will not be able to sell it. black market will be weak and clamped by the gov.

  • nsaretard says:

    Just spend and don’t save or ever trust these corrupt politians. There are more Madoffs in govt than ever before. Govt hide who stole and continues to steal my money online. sob’s will feel the wrath tenfold someday.

  • nsaretard says:

    I find that staying out of the market is best, i lost 90 % of my life savings trusting politians /cnbc corporate media/internet service providers scamming and backed by a corrupt spy govt programs. I never had credit debt and yet I got screwed by a liar bush president and now an obama . jmho

  • MrSunshine99 says:

    money is worthless, max out your credit cards eventually you wont need to pay them

  • keyrubell says:

    You make “predictable predictions”?! Invest in gold? Master of the obvious!

  • FedFarmer says:

    “I save every month & contribute the max to my retirement. What am I going to have to show for that in the end? Nothing? ”

    If you are putting it into a 401k, then the answer is yes. Any plan “approved” by the IRS/government is meant to ultimately be a swindle.

  • zephyr2046 says:

    There’s one topic that no one talks about that is causing all of this. POPULATION, no politician will touch this subject, not enough jobs, houses money, everything… too many people!

  • LemmingHerda says:

    TheSmoosh wrote; “How can people not see this is happening. Billions and billions are being stolen”

    You know the hilarious thing is that the taxpayers are getting charged interest/tax on the money that has been stolen !

    Tell yah what, I’m going to take $1000.00 from you as a loan you owe my friend Bob.

    Then I’m going to give the money to Bob as a present.

    And now you gonna have to pay the money back to Bob and all the while Bob is gonna charge you interest.

    Any problem widat?

  • visionvictory says:

    apmex or bulliondirect

  • visionvictory says:

    I like costco

  • visionvictory says:

    They a sheep, their brains have turned into fast food mush.