Planned Economic Collapse? Your Warped Financial Reality – Part 1

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17 Responses to Planned Economic Collapse? Your Warped Financial Reality – Part 1

  • zeistermeist says:

    Well said…..!

  • quietlike says:

    Buy gold and silver!!!

  • khmaiboihon says:


  • Slavestorms says:

    The stock market?

    Breeding stock traded on the slave market.

  • wilbertsrevenge says:

    Good work. One question will I be on the monsters yellow list for this comment?

  • OghamTheBold says:

    Looking at my bank balance helped me imagine what no savings would be like

  • 4thaHalibut says:

    I’m with ketch33. Stop paying taxes. If they can pull billions of dollars out of the federal reserve’s butt to bail out these thieving bankers, then they can just as easily print more money to take care of the rest of the things that our tax dollars are supposed to be paying for. Don’t trust anything that they say.

  • rayme4raw says:

    You are right, the way that our money system is set up, we don’t have enough real money, if everyone or even most people started paying off their debt, we would actually run out of money, it’s insane.

  • marcusguernsey says:

    Great Vid, but what do you imagine,i already feel like i m facing a lifetime uphill battle.on the plus side, both my wife and I have 2 decent steady jobs.I have always seen breaking even as a plus( especially in this day and age).looking forward to more vid`s.

  • DebtIsMoney says:

    If everyone pays their debts off they will also fail!!!!

  • Growby10 says:

    @veritas – everyone has a different circumstance…but there are fundamentals that i recommend to my friends and family. b/c this is a broken said in my video, one has to do everything in there power to protect what they already have…with a sound saving and investing plan. 2nd. find ways to earn more income. i’ll may make a video going more detailed..thx for the comment!

  • brovic777 says:

    I way every single American stop paying their credit cards and mortgages to make these big bankers collapse again to force them to fail!!!!!!!

  • ketch33 says:

    OK, I forgive everyone’s debt. So please, don’t pay your taxes!:)

  • CosmicDramaQueen says:

    HiGB10, Thanks for your report…I can do the math but so many have no idea. This is going to be the Biggest Shock and Awe that the USA has ever seen. I feel bad for the people who are completely unaware….This robbery shows how insane and inhuman the oligarchy really is.

  • veritasfiles says:

    Good video….I agree with you. But I think people need to know more about what they can do practically and financially as well. There are still people that need to wake up, but once they are awake, they are thinking NOW WHAT? What practical steps do they take? What do I do with my savings? What do I do with my 401K? Etc… Keep up the good work though!

  • ohio1998 says:

    Same here bro, it’s too soft. Great work though. Please watch my videos and do me the same favor. I think you’ll like them.

  • 1989kirby says:

    i think the volume is fine