Bill Murphy “The gold market is underbought” Gold Special: Al аחԁ Bill Murphy οf Gata discuss today’s front page Wall Street Journal Article entitled “Gold Vaults tο Nеw High” Nice tο һаνе bееח rіɡһt аƖƖ tһеѕе years!

15 Responses to Bill Murphy “The gold market is underbought”

  • doobsta says:


    Again, there is only so much water, food, shelter one person can have in bad situation.

    What am I to do with the rest??

    You are wrong about metals, and yes, I can cure many of the things that ail you with PURE BASE METALS…

    They are far more valuable than you can ever imagine…the proof is you have not done the research and are still in the dark..

    Watch the video I mentioned to you before…Antigravity, Disease and a few others, are a HUGE DEAL.
    They do HAVE LOTS of VALUE!!

  • dredsdomain says:

    @doobsta Again, you and everyone else are putting value into something that’s has no value other than the fact someone says it does. It won’t keep you alive, yet you still keep going back to FRN’s as if I’m saying that’s a better way to go, what I’m saying is it’s all fake. Theres only a few things more valuable in a bad situation. Air, Water, Food, shelter, etc, that’s what keeps you alive, not gold, silver, or other metals.

  • doobsta says:


    Once again, at this time in history, there is NO currency regarded as HIGHLY as the FRN.

    What currency are your paychecks denominated in?
    It most certainly has to be, FRN’s.

    If you hold FRN’s over metal, you are on the losing side of the inflation battle.

    ME, I will not be holding my ass or begging for food when the SHTF.
    Although I will have to deal with and help others…I can only store so much food. The rest of my EXCESS LABOR can’t be held in depreciating currencies.

  • dredsdomain says:

    @doobsta Holy shit, have I defended the Federal Reserve Notes?

    I’ve paid off my house, have food storage and have no debt, do what you want with your money, when you’re holding your bare ass don’t come to be whining because you lost everything on an imaginary inflated metal/paper that some guy gave value.

  • abe2517 says:

    Diversify your profolio – buy gold, silver, and lead!! Any copper you can strip from abandoned housing tracts is also gonna beat the blue chips next year!!

  • doobsta says:


    If 5000 years as a monetary metal won’t convince you of its ability to store “EXCESS LABOR”….I am not sure I can help you…

    As for eating it…can you eat Federal Reserve Notes?

    If you want to learn about Recent findings about the exotic properties of monatomic gold and the platinum group metals…that may illuminate you watch the “secrets of the lost ark”

    Lots more to Precious Metals than just “money”…

  • dredsdomain says:

    @doobsta Again, it (Just like paper money) only has value because you or someone else says it does. You can’t eat gold so in a catastrophe I could care less how much gold or cash you have, It’s absolutely worthless and won’t keep you alive, so why would I take it in trade for food. LOL

  • doobsta says:


    you obviously don’t have a clue…
    I will give you one…John Exter’s Inverted Pyramid of Assets…

    When the world presses the reset button and it is a given that it will…what you going to be holding?

    Does a federal reserve note buy you more today that 10 years ago?


  • 113Doctor says:

    @Excidium567: I’m actually thinking about using my silver to make my own custom coins. Beats junk silver but will cost about $1200.00 to have the coin produced. Still I like the idea of my purchasing power having my Logo on it :)

  • tracycolorado says:

    ALL fiat moneys , can and will devalue to zero . Gold will never devalue to zero

  • dredsdomain says:

    people are so stupid. Oil wouldn’t hit $150 a barrel if people didn’t say that’s what it was going to do. Gold wouldn’t be worth any more than $1 if someone wasn’t pushing some virtual value, the economy and our money system is so fucking fake. You’ll all be losing your asses when the investors pull from gold and sell out and it hits $700 and you bought it at $1600, I won’t shed a tear for you although I’m sure a bailout will be in order.

  • lintburger says:

    Nobody owns gold. I have my own business and I deal with the general public talking to upwards of 500 people a week. I’ve met two people, two, who own any kind of gold or silver. I have been beating the drum for almost 8 yrs now and to no avail. If you get in now, even at these prices you are way, way ahead of Elmer Fudd.

  • LordDyhalto says:

    The only public acknowledge of gold I see is advertisements for selling your gold for money.
    When this turns the other way around, that’s when the bubble begins to form.

  • Excidium567 says:

    @113Doctor Half right, silvers a better choice than gold but .999 is better to buy than junk, junk silver sold at a discounted rate back in 1980 when silver go up round it’s $50 level because everyone was selling it so the refinerys got a 2 year backlog of silver that needed to be melted down. .999 Is the smarter way to go.

  • MYAR15SaysImFree says:

    @DayWaiter the media is run by the elite, they dont want you to know about gold, gold skyrocketing signifies their fiat money is dying and the ponzi scheme is coming to an end.$1300 gold is just the beginning.