Currency Featuring Lil Wayne- Where Da Cash At (Dirty)

Currency Featuring Lil Wayne- Wһеrе Da Cash At (Dirty)

Alex аƖѕο talks wіtһ film-maker, broadcaster аחԁ former broker аחԁ options trader Max Keiser. Hе іѕ tһе host οf Oח Tһе Edge аחԁ Tһе Keiser Report. Alex аƖѕο covers tһе latest news аחԁ takes уουr calls.
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47 Responses to Currency Featuring Lil Wayne- Where Da Cash At (Dirty)

  • VeliiStackzCOS says:

    @IPiMpiNI Use to? delete your youtube account… Jet Life Till The Next Life… fool

  • malakismail2184 says:

    @stfuahlex big time bruh

  • TheMarijuanaTV says:

    @stfuahlex I Agree!

  • stfuahlex says:

    @malakismail2184 Wayne is so played out now. His songs are so repetitive.

  • austind12293 says:

    @IPiMpiNI used too ?? hahahaah hes the best rappper in tha game listen to his new shit

  • porky514 says:

    danm this was defenetly not the real hot spitta chains lollllll tank god he doing hes own shit now fuck yong money

  • ssamdgangster says:

    Like if you clicked on the video just cause it says “Dirty” !!

  • DC5dustinnn says:

    @IPiMpiNI used to kill it? obviously you dont listen to curren$y
    Jet Life Fool

  • IPiMpiNI says:

    currency use to kill it sun

  • TheMikeNova says:

    @TheMUSlC I meant Jets but I’m high

  • TheMikeNova says:

    @TheMUSlC Jet…Fool

  • MrAxileas says:

    this chick raps better than wayne.Imagine that

  • MrAxileas says:

    this chick raps better than wayne.Imagine that

  • Lilantrose says:

    33 people dont know where da cash at…

  • ArtyoneT says:

    @eljuego785 Hes come out with two albums recently. Look up pilot talk

  • mannythethirdtv says:

    “cause if aint about that dough it aint about me neither” hahaha waynes a monster?

  • desmondthebest says:

    Damn it’s crazy, i used to listen to this song and never realized Curren$y was in it and now that i started listening to his and wiz’s shit i come back and see this cashmoney shit and im like damn.

  • TagguRGoeSDuffY says:

    @vagxlz who the fuck are you? lol you a lame

  • TheMUSlC says:

    @abcxyz2440 Jets wasn’t a clothing company. It was Fly Society that was.

  • abcxyz2440 says:

    @TheMUSlC considering it was a clothing company at the time.

  • TheMUSlC says:

    Love how he still threw up the JETS at :31 when he was still with CM.

  • icecold99 says:


  • sue75lewis says:


    I agree and the “for a limited time” crap is exactly what the bankers are doing:- making things seem thin on the ground when infact there is plenty:- this is not free Market it’s bullshit/ fear factor so as to sell “quick while stocks last” it devaules anything alex, or the like, says!

    Ps I note that David Ickes web site is similar

  • luc649 says:

    @JAHFREE777 He moved back with his parents and steal’s food.

  • philosoweed says:

    face book is for suckers, boy that’s a lot of suckers.

  • MaxTallon says:

    @solky1s : 1984 was the name of a novel written by George Orwell about life in a totalitarian police state. 1776 refers to the American Revolution, Amercican Freedom: the year the Declaration Of Independnce was signed. (Incidently George Orwell’s book was written long before 1984, but a lot of the things he wrote about have since come to pass.)

  • TheMaccabees7 says:

    this country has been taken over by the nazi worshipers and all of them should be put to death

  • OurBackToTheDark says:

    I wish he wouldn’t promote T shirts and DVDs so much. Fuck it’s lame…really discredits what should be seen as a credible source of information and world affairs. We know you have shit for sale, no need to keep pushing it.

  • jlya2012 says:

    @solky1s The Emerald Isle. My rent was reduced 15.6% and I’m spending 25% less total each week. I don’t know why. Groceries aren’t cheaper. I must be eating less. Lol.

  • Saywhatyoumust says:

    @natritious1 — Will you please email me a link where AJ is discrediting Wikileaks?
    I hope Assange is able to carry on his work and obtain more info that he can give to the public worldwide. I think we need more people like Assange and people should support Wikileaks.

  • normalizetheworld says:

    To beat up those stupid globalist bankers is so easy once every nation abolish its central bank, start issuing its own money in accordance with available products and services, get the money distributed to all in need with no interest at all, and conduct international trading through barter transactions. The world will be quickly in peace.

  • solky1s says:

    @jlya2012 i live in europe aswell nothing has dropped, but rised
    where in europe?

  • solky1s says:

    what happened in 1984 and 1776?

  • jlya2012 says:

    @JAHFREE777 Europe.

  • JAHFREE777 says:

    @jlya2012 where do u live mine have doubled!!!!

  • jlya2012 says:

    My living expenses have dropped 25% compared to one year ago. Where’s the inflation?

  • 0761558031 says:

    check out DJ LIMITED EDITION songs on YOUTUBE

  • CZRXCZR says:

    2 people are starving

  • Charmer4856 says:

    That chick was pretty damn cute…she has to be intelligent if she worked for goldman. Beauty and intelligence is hard to find these days

  • natritious1 says:

    @madryboy You’ve got a good point, I respect your oppinion. Yes alex has doen a whole lot of good overall I won’t deny that. Also max and gerald are spot on!

  • madryboy says:

    @natritious1 someone once said “y look at the small faults rather than the great knowledge given to us”not sure who it was but if this is the only thing u can find that he didnt say “OMG I WAS WRONG!” instead he keeps giving us REAL and TRUE information every day ive been following him and i also have 3rd part sites that do no link to any of alex’s content and to be honest like %99 of what he is saying is the absolute truth so i mean u can pick at this 1 thing or w.e but i <3 our world

  • genesistwoeighteen says:

    Jeremiah 51:17 every man is burned up and wasted by his kinowledge the banker is ashamed by his images or currency they are a fraud and objects of mockery

  • natritious1 says:

    @madryboy both Max keiser and Gerald Celente have been on alex’s show and both are HUGE advocates of wikileaks. Alex had an entire episode devoted to “discrediting” wikileaks trying to link them to george soros and the CIA…didn’t even dent it. IF alex imbellishes about one thing whats to say he isn’t about other things

  • genesistwoeighteen says:

    From God to the New World Order:

    The LORD has swarn by himself: I will fill you with swarms of men as with swarms of locusts.

    Will not your debotrs arise and wake up and you will be thier victim?

    Because you have plundered the nations(Habakkuk 2:6-7) Jer 51:25 I am against you oh high mountain you who destroy the whole earth. See I am sending an alliance of great nations against you The ten powers that you see upon the beast will hate you and srtip you naked and burn you with fireRev17

  • genesistwoeighteen says:

    V for Victory Gods way.

    NWO is Babylon in the bible and this is what God says.

    I will fill you with men as with swarms of locusts.Jer 51:14

    Also God wanted me to write a book and run with this revelation.

    Jer. 50:2 raise up a banner and publish among the nations, “Babylon is captured their fake money is shattered to the ground.”

    Habakkuk 2:2 write the vision of Babylon down plain so that he who reads may run with it.

    Mystery Babylon Finally Revealed is the book I am running

  • deshaebeasley says:

    I bet the new currency will be paypal!

  • madryboy says:

    @natritious1 quit trollin hes doing his best to make the world a better place WTF R U DOIN?