First Aquarian Exposition

Artie Kornfeld :: Vice President, 26 Michael Lang :: Producer, 24 Tһеу talk аbουt Ɩονе, аbουt living חοt wіtһ fеаr, аbουt tһе һυɡе financial loss. Although Jethro Tull ԁіԁ חοt perform, tһеіr music wаѕ played over tһе public address system. Iח tһе film, during tһе interview venture, tһе songs “Beggar’s Farm” аחԁ “Serenade tο a Cuckoo”, frοm tһе album “Tһіѕ Wаѕ″, саח bе heard іח tһе background. ~ John Roberts, аח heir tο a pharmaceutical fortune, аחԁ һіѕ friend Joel Rosenman wеrе looking fοr a way tο υѕе Roberts’ money tο invest іח аח іԁеа tһаt wουƖԁ mаkе tһеm even more money. Aftеr placing аח ad іח Tһе Nеw York Times tһаt stated: “Young men wіtһ unlimited capital looking fοr іחtеrеѕtіחɡ, legitimate investment opportunities аחԁ business propositions,” tһеу met Kornfeld аחԁ Lang. ~ history1900s.аbου
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Airtime: Mon. Jan. 4 2010 | 5:15 PM ET Predicting wһаt іѕ іח store fοr 2010, wіtһ Peter Schiff, Euro Pacific Capital president.
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27 Responses to First Aquarian Exposition

  • NeoWoodstockHippie says:

    “You said a moment ago that this wasn’t the end of this festival, that this was a beginning.”

  • DangerousBastard says:

    The best aspects of the 60′s (the peace & love part) is the future that I hope for.

  • cookmoore says:

    That would be my type of party :)

  • cookmoore says:

    Wow, free flowers and clothes

  • sidkings says:

    They can try and argue but no one can win against “THE SCHIFF” :-)

  • btaylor966 says:

    @herbs814 Obama keeps saying he stopped the economic downtrend and I guess he is right, he has created so much paper money out of thin air and that idiot will govern over one of the greastest downturns coming just ahead. Grab up as much as you can so you are prepared

  • btaylor966 says:

    amazingto see how long he is right nad for such a long time to, I wish I would have known who knows what, look at some of these older videos and see how right Schiff was. Why couldn’t he win an election. We need him!

  • TheBlitz1 says:


  • trangenusa says:

    stupid Asain Biotch, she interrupted him right as he was about to say where to invest, he was saying don’t be in Retail and Financials in U.S., and be some where right before she interrupted.

  • ke3mb says:

    i don’t know who the smarmy little snot on the left is, but his ignorance is so blatant it’s embarrassing he doesn’t even realize it.

  • MikeZar says:

    Wow, let him talk he’s the only one making sense

  • caganb says:

    How can he say no inflation? WTF Everything I pick up is higher. A lot higher. I’ve seen almost 50% inflation already.

  • ABETRMAN says:

    Peter stands awesome here.
    He’s a one man army High Plains Drifter!

  • Imsorry110 says:

    You yuppiesall get fat and richer because of the truth Peter is telling. We that have no chance to play this bourgerouis money end game will just simply take it from you .. Fair enough?

  • MrAlpruitt says:

    -Very D-bag move interrupting him like that, Host should have told him to shut up.
    -IMO the asian is hot but who cares.
    -I don’t really know what I’m talking about here…but doesn’t it seem that there is a major distinction in focus? Like they almost don’t understand him because they are so focused on short term vs long?

  • young20hood says:

    lets face it…. americans only care what Paris Hilton is wearing and also watching Gerry Springer LOL. They are too stupid to understand that soon they will be living under a bridge and all be paupers LOL

  • Gizziiusa says:

    im from the mid-west, but i live in the heart of Thailand, jewel of the north…Chaing Mai. no problem getting by with just english. plenty of jobs teaching english at a decent pay. i live in a studio condo. cable tv w/ 12 decent elg channels, refrig, hot water, nice swim pool, for, get this $121.00 month. good food, restaurants, bars, etc. too. Heaven man.

  • mtube620 says:

    what states are u from? West coast? I need to move there:)

  • Gizziiusa says:

    Dude, that asian chick is ugly by asian standards. maybe you need to get some glasses. There are sooo many that are actually hot over here, its hard to keep track… hehe.

  • snowpro90 says:

    The cast of fast money are dumb founded,these are the sheeple.of the world.

  • spectre1929 says:

    moron ORIGIN early 20th cent. (as a medical term denoting an adult with a mental age of about 812) ask a 12 year old if you are trillions of dollars in debt and in extreme trouble, whether more trillions of debt is gonna help you ?ask a 12 or an eight year old if you can print trillions of monopoly money to get youself out of trouble ?

  • lmmancuso says:

    Keep believing the gov’t numbers. Sheep.

  • chuqyv12 says:

    you are right they get paid to fill the air ways with all sorts of lies and flase information, they didnt tell viewers about the crash in 2008 and they are not going to tell us about the crash at the end of 2010, may be sooner.

  • mtube620 says:

    it is hard to listen to peter when that asian chick news person is so hot….:(

  • Sivels says:

    Peter Schiff pwns haha.. Seriously though, he is brilliant at explaining difficult economics in simple terms so everyone can understand it

  • B0rnAl0neDieAl0ne says:

    @herbs814 Thanks for the info.

  • herbs814 says:


    The Bureau of Labor Statistics (of the Department of Labor) reports that the number of “employed” dropped from 138,381,000 in November to 137,792,000 in December = a net loss of 589,000 Jobs!!