4 Responses to Q&A: how much funds should a beginner start a forex account with ?

  • Common Sense:

    I’d start with no less than 8 – 12 books on Forex Trading, Trader Money Management & some books interviewing successful traders like: Millionaire Traders by Lien and Schlosberg.

    After doing all this you’ll be able to answer your own question.

    On the other hand… should you not learn FX trading as suggested…. &…..if you practice trading with some broker using paper trading & discover you’re pretty good at this…… you’ll most likely lose more than 50% of what ever you start with. Don’t do any of this…… then…. a 92% loss.

  • Randall Parker, MBA:

    If you are a beginner, you have no business investing in Forex. This is a volatile type of investment, as are all commodity investments, and you can easily lose everything you own.

    Your best bet would be to invest in shares of closed funds or in mutual funds that trade in Forex. That way, you get someone experienced doing the trading, while you can relax.

    This is no guarantee that you will make money, but you stand a much better chance letting someone who lives and breathes the market everyday manage your money, than you could possibly stand on your own. You would only need to make one big mistake to undo years worth of gains.

    Get professional help. It will be worth the small amount of commissions you lose.

    By professional help, I don’t mean you get a Forex broker to help you make trades. Buy into a professionally-managed fund!

  • kingrich316:

    Please do not invest on a large scale when you start out with Forex. Especially if you can’t afford to risk losing what you invested…

    You can start with little. Use software that has a trial period so you don’t have to waste hundreds if not thousands on overrated software. I suggest Forex Money Train though I cannot tell you how much to invest with it because that’s your own decision. It runs on Metatrader 4 which is free and instant to download. I use it. It is very profitable and it gives you the option to start with little.


  • Forex Blog:

    You can start with mini contract, many brokers provide MINI contract, only start from $ 200-500